Key Industry

Key industry:

Aeonaxisoftech has contributed a great deal in designing applications for varieties of business domains. With optimized services, we have cut down on operational costs of the clients making them extremely competitive. Our fabulous team of developers and problem solvers has ensured that tailor made solutions are provided to the users.


By working on an integrated platform of CMS as well as ecommerce, Aeonaxisoftech creates multi lingual websites with simplistic user interface to increase web traffic. Editing and publishing the content has become a breeze for the clients. Open source platforms are used by us to create robust ecommerce websites that have increased the business of the customers.

Retail and distribution:

We work in close collaboration with the retail clients to optimize supply chain management system. Aeonaxisoftech offers web based solution to the retailers that helps to manage all the aspects of business. Since it can be easily integrated, clients can share data without any hassles. They can have a real time view of all the aspects of the business. We ensure not only development but also installation and deployment of the application. Customers can easily manage inventory system and get daily reports.

Medicine and Healthcare:

Aeonaxisoftech plays an important role in designing efficient Medicine and Healthcare systems for the clinics and hospitals. Medical staff can instantly access the patient history and analyze previous treatments. It will not only help to optimize the resources but also improve the quality of the treatment. Medical software incorporates the facility to upload pathological tests data on the central server for easy access.

ERP for education:

Our company has made an immense contribution to make the educational institutions more effective. It has developed close relationship with the customers by making them the stakeholders of the project.

Students and the teacher’s data is stored in the system as they can be easily accessed with the click of the button. It has multiple modules dealing with students and the staff. 100% integrated platform is provided by us to the clients to facilitate seamless communication among the stake holders.

We assist in eliminating the manual processes to create payroll or preparing the result report of the students. Moreover, the application can also generate operational and financial reports of the school to the management. It can help the top brass to take strategic decisions and also enhances the self service environment. In a nutshell, our ERP ensures integrated work flow and lower business risks to the institutions.