.NET Technology

Cutting edge .net development for the business clients

We are credited with the expertise to design web applications and portals on .Net platforms. Our competency in customizing the software product is legendary and is second to none. Using a combination of latest window based technologies; we deliver some of the best visually appealing and optimized web pages to the clients.

Easy maintainability:

Websites designed by us on .net platform are robust and can be easily maintained. Clean coding ensures that the components of the application development are reused in other projects. It saves lot of time and expenditure because the developers do not have to create everything from scratch.

Usage of Ajax:

Our competent team of highly trained and experienced developers uses state of the art technology such as AJAX to create light weight web applications. Fast loading time and highly enriching visual experience are some of the prominent attributes of the website.

Common data exchange formats:

Multiple applications on .Net platform can access the database through common exchange formats driving down the overall cost of development. As similar protocols are used to fetch information from the data store, they can be created once and used multiple times without adding to the expenditure.

Data security:

Our .net application development services provide complete security to the application interface of the website and the database. Usage of the highly integrated development protocol prevents memory leaks from the system and keeps the website secure. Data transfer from the .net framework occurs in the highly secured XML format.

Easy deployment:

Our application development based on .net technology allows seamless deployment of the application. Features such as controlled code sharing across the projects and side by side versions ensure no coding conflicts among different modules. Due to the expertise of our developers, we face minimum problems in the implementation of the new system.

Stability and reliability:

.Net technology has undergone radical modifications in the past and can easily work on the windows server versions. Therefore, web applications are stable and reliable so that they can handle different types of data.


Cross platform compatibility:

Web application created from .Net framework is compatible not only with laptops and PCs but also smart phones. It is language independent environment; therefore our developers can create portals from C#, VB.Net, COBOL and Python. Array of cutting edge technologies provide us a golden opportunity to design highly optimized website for the clients. We also use web services modules that allow applications in different languages to interact with server database using the internet protocol.