Why WordPress Is Better Than Other CMS’s Customization?

For knowing the answer of this question, you need to check all the popular content management systems with their features. After reading all of them, then you compare each of them with other other one. So, let’s start from the very starting-

WordPress- Yes, it is ignoble; how one would forget about this CMS since it comes countless powerful features with the freedom to add number of add-ons. It is an open-source content management system that can be easily used for creating  a beautiful blog page as well as websites. Of course, WordPress is absolutely free. This system is developed by the group of people of several volunteers, plus if you choose to use this CMS you will easily locate hundreds of add-on plus themes. In present time, there are more than sixty million folks who are using the WordPress content management system to feature their website. To use WordPress, just download it and install on your system. Now you are ready to develop amazing websites with wonderful themes.

Drupal- Another famous content management system; Drupal easily let user to create every kind of web application, right from personal blogs to the website. Like WordPress, Drupal also comes with several powerful interface tools and add-on compatibility. Drupal CMS is also developed as well as maintained by diverse and active group of people from across the world. Like WordPress is also an open source CMS that is employed by hundreds of web based applications.

Magento- Now the time has come for announcing the powerful features of Magento. Like Drupal and WordPress, Magento is also an open source web based content management systems. It becomes easier by using Magento since it comes with several powers-packed features. The Magento content management system also offers one to customize theme of the website as well as a blog page. Magento easily permits you to add any compatible add-on to your blog page or website. This will help you to perform several jobs very easily. You can also put your customized add-on with Magento based website. Magento software customizations have a wide range of exclusive features that help in boosting the revenues of your E-commerce website.

So after going through the above mentioned 3 best CMS, now the problem is which one to select. Several will resolve down with magento or Drupal since of their enormous attractiveness plus add-on availability, but I suggest you to try wordpress, for once as it also offer same powerful features like other content management systems.

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Search Engine Optimization for high ROI of your site

The role of SEO specialist: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the basis of present day business all over the world. This is because one expects his or her business to come at the first place during searches by potential customers which is done by seo. Now, this coming of the site at the top is the work is done by specialists who keep themselves updated with the everything that is taking place on the technological front or the latest in the search engine techniques and strategies adopted by Google. That is why services such as Search Engine Optimization or SEO are so popular and commonly used.

Knowledge of the latest strategies and techniques of the search engines: The search engine optimization services ensure high ROI of the client website. There are professionals at these organizations which are highly educated and experienced in their chosen fields. They also have lots of experience which includes finding the latest search engine strategies and techniques being adopted by the search engines from time to time. For example, there are seo services which stay abreast of the strategies and techniques adopted. Not only that, they need to stay ahead in time and guess what the search engines could be doing. All this requires in depth knowledge of the crawlers or the software which decide the outcome of a result.

Knowledge of the pattern of working of search engines: That is why these services are so crucial in the ranking of the site at the top in the search results. This requires thorough knowledge of the working of the crawlers so that the sites are organized or prepared in the required way. So, all this requires tons of experience along with knowledge to ‘forecast’ the strategies that might be used by the search engines and be prepared before they hit one’s business or site. Often it is seen that Google suddenly changes its working and millions of sites go out of business overnight.

Advantage of a reputed seo company: So, saving the clients from such a surprise is the work of seo specialists. In short, they must outdo the search engines and think from the search engine’s point of view so that they are armed with new strategies and techniques. It is the sign of experience which cannot come overnight. That is why one should or must go for the organization which has long been around, has a reputation, long list of reputed clients and a proven track record. Of course, the financial aspect should be kept in mind. While availing the services explore all the aspects of a company and make decision accordingly.

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27 Question you can ask before hiring a SEO Agency?


  1. May I have a list of current and past clients?
  2. How will you improve my search engine rankings?
  3. Do you adhere to search engines’ webmaster guidelines?
  4. Can you guarantee my website will achieve a number-one ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo?
  5. Are you experienced at improving local search results?
  6. Will you share with me all changes you make to my site?
  7. How do you measure the success of your SEO campaigns?
  8. How will we communicate and how often?
  9. What are your fees and payment terms?
  10. What happens when we part ways?
  11. How will you improve our search engine rankings?
  12. How will you keep me informed of changes you make to our website?
  13. Can you share information on some of your past clients and their results?
  14. Do you always follow Google’s best practices?
  15. Which tools do you use?
  16. What types of SEO work will you do?
  17. Can you guarantee that our site will rank #1 for a major search term?
  18. How often will you report on your work, and what will it look like?
  19. What is your payment structure?
  20. How will we contact you?
  21. How will your work tie into our other marketing efforts?
  22. What happens if we terminate the contract?
  23. Have you worked with penalized sites? If so, how did you fix them?
  24. Are you up to date with the latest algorithm changes?
  25. How will your team adapt your strategy to my industry?
  26. How do you determine if you’re successful?
  27. Why should we hire you over other SEOs?


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Marketing Future belongs to here: SMO

You have a wonderful business idea, a great website, and now the next step is how to establish it as a brand among the people. The process of marketing and advertising demands time and money, but in today’s fast pace world, you cannot wait for months to get the result, now you need a platform that could help you in establishing your presence in a short period of time and for that you need to consult online marketing agency that offer packages suiting to your needs. Among various promotional methods, the demand of social media platform is high among the clients. It is the features of the SMO that makes it popular among masses.

The strength of such platforms is its viral feature. Here you share a post and there hundreds of people got to know about in few minutes. The smart usage of images and videos makes the content more relevant and targeted in the approach.  Once you have decided that you need a support of SMO services for promoting your business, the best step is to find a reliable partner.

Aeon Axis, the IT solution provider offers SMO services in India. Check out our packages and choose the one that suits your marketing needs and budget.  Whether you want to target the local audience or your target in larger population, the sincere efforts of the SMO will the higher success rate of the social media optimization has made it popular choice.

Connect with us, discuss your marketing needs and we will design customized package for you. There is no one size fits all approach. We understand the uniqueness of each business and design a strategy accordingly. Our guaranteed service will surely put your business on the right track.

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Why CMS is the right platform for you?

The relevance of any website largely depends on its freshness. This is the reason websites are updated regularly with fresh content.  It is the content published on the web page that connects the visitors with your services and products.  Thanks to content management system now it has become easier to update fresh pages on the website.  The platform has emerged as one of the most popular among developers and those who wish to make a fresh start on the web world. The easy user interface and customization makes it popular among masses. You don’t have to be a web technology pro to manage CMS website. The dynamic websites are the need of the time and for that you don’t have to spend big amount of money or time.

The platform of CMS has emerged as helping hand for the webmasters. Now they can update hundreds of pages in a short period of time. The platform not just support vast volume of content but also ensure that the website work smoothly even under heavy traffic.

There are various web development agencies offering CMS development, find your partner wisely. You can rely on Aeon Axis, we provide content management system services India. Our affordability and professional approach has made popular.

Why choose CMS:

Easy customization is one of the key feature of CMS websites. Our experts offer customized solutions to meet the client’s expectation.

We provide comprehensive support to our clients in order to simplify their online needs as far as possible. With Our custom solutions we help our clients to keep their websites updated, and make it more user-oriented that will definitely improve the website traffic in the long run.

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Are SEO Services Mandatory for Online Business?

Do you have the desire to start a business in online?

If yes, then what is stopping you from doing so?

Are you really not clear about the sequence of steps that are to be followed for establishing an online business?

Don’t you know that the website is the basic requirement of any online business that you wish to start?

To answer all these questions, the best solution is to approach the SEO experts who could build your website matching to the standards that the search engines would have created to identify the best websites for their end users.

Why SEO is required for every online business? This would be the question that would be running in the brain of many business owners.

Can you really figure out at least five of your friends who would be using the same product for their house?

It would be really tough to do so as each have their own tastes and preferences when they have to prefer certain products for their personal or home usage.

Give one more try of finding five people who would use the same search phrase while searching for the same product that they are interested in.

Definitely, the five people might not be using the exact phrase while searching for the same product that they are planning to buy. This clarifies you why SEO is required for every online business.

Definitely the experts would be able to identify those phrases that are highly used by the end users and would also let you know how frequently you should use them in the content that you need for displaying on your website.

The placement of the keywords would truly help the website gain prominence when getting evaluated by the search engines.

You could manage getting the end users visit your website without having to do all this lengthy process by relying on the pay per click option but this definitely would be a costly option.

Also, as soon as you stop paying for the clicks that you receive, the traffic for your website would also reduce automatically thus leaving you at the initial stage of establishing the business in online.

Hope you now have a different answer of why SEO is required for every online business.

The reputation and ranking that is obtained by the SEO marketing techniques would not fade away though the end results are delayed for you unlike the instant results obtained from pay per click.

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How Google analytics helps businesses to attain efficiency?

Google analytics plays a very important role in evaluating the quality of the traffic to the website. It also assists people in identifying the audiences and enhances the numbers of visitors frequenting the web page. Therefore, to find out How Google analytics helps businesses further, let’s read the following paragraphs:

Type of the browsers and the operating system:

With the help of analytics, it is possible to recognize the type of the browser and the operating system of the visitors. Some of the web features might be incompatible with the browsers and the operating systems. If majority of visitors are equipped with them, it is vital to troubleshoot the problem. Web pages should be user friendly and easily navigable for the visitors so that information can be retrieved in double quick time.

SEO Services India

Chink in the armor:

Google application also provides information about the web page which is not attracting the visitors. It will help you to identify the problems in the web design in advance for taking corrective measures. Burning resources in content that is not attracting traffic will increase overhead expenditure without generating results. Google analytics creates a list of top exit pages that lead to the loss of interest among the visitors.

Finding the right keywords:

One of the most important benefits of the Google analytics is that it helps the users to find the right keywords. For instance, the application provides information about content that is attracting the visitors. It is also possible to evaluate the percentage of the visitors who are returning to the websites time and again to obtain information. Armed with relevant data, the management or the SEO team can devise an effective marketing strategy. Once you know, what is drawing people to the website, you can make the content more enticing and accurate to drive up the web traffic.

Find the folks who are not interested:

Majority of times people may click on the landing page of your website but may then move away to other links. They would not bother to check the pages further in the site. Analytic application compiles the data pertaining to such user through the bounce rate attribute. You might attract entire traffic to the website but if the visitors are not reading the actual information in the pages, the whole process becomes futile. Using analytics change the format of the web site or the content to retain the interest of the visitors.


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Website Promotion with SEO

Ask a website owner, what is the real challenge of running an online business, and most probably the answer would be finding a right online marketing expert especially SEO service provider is a challenge. Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the basic methods of website promotion. It is the core of online marketing, the other methods can enhance the result obtained by other digital marketing methods, but for a sound and strong hold in the market, it is important to optimize the website for the search engine.

At Aeon Axis, we understand the role and significance of SEO that is why we are providing one among the best service providers in India. No matter what your niche, budget or target is we provide SEO plans that deliver results.

Why hire us?

Organic traffic makes your website visible in SERP for targeted keywords and generates organic traffic.  We follow a well-designed strategy to create organic traffic towards the website. It is the simplest way to earn higher ROI.

White hat technique: there are lots of SEO providers who make big promises and use foul methods to deliver the results. These short-term results can destroy your website, find someone who uses ethical and white hat SEO methods for website optimization.

Affordable and time bound result: at Aeon Axis, we offer flexible SEO packages to our clients. Discuss with our experts and get a tailor made  package for your website. This will be more result-oriented as well as budget friendly, pay only for those services that are required for your business promotion.

Book your appointment or request quote to learn all about SEO and the packages.


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SMO services: Helping you to Mark your presence on the World Wide Web

Whether you are managing the well-established business, affiliate business, start-up or managing the marketing of institution like college, hospital or any other firm, upgrade the marketing campaign by adding SMO services and make your presence more effective. The more you engage with your customers and the more they are involved with you, better you can perform in the market.

You must have heard various stories related to social media success as well as failure. How the same platform could help one business to reach a new height of success, whereas how one wrong step can demolish the whole marketing effort. The reason is simple; you need to consult the expert who understands the SMO as well as your business.

At Aeon Axis, we are providing result-oriented SMO packages. If you are seeking SMO services in India to support your online presence, then consulting team Aeon Axis could help you.

Leverage the full potential of social media platform with well designed and well implemented SMO plans. It would help you in building your brand image. Connect with your current and potential customer on a more personal level with social media platforms.

Why choose us?

Analytical ability: the success of a social media campaign is not easy, it requires the understanding of the market, customers and changing the trend of online market as well. We use latest tools to analyze the market trend and then design strategies that deliver results.

Integrated approach: we focus on the complete plan, first we find out what would work for you and which platform is most suitable for your business growth and design the strategy.

Professionalism: we promise what we can deliver. There would be no fake promises or hidden charges for any of our services.

Request a quote and learn about our SMO plans.

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Website Development Servcie for mid and small size entrepreneurs

If you are looking for quality yet affordable web development service, then exploring opportunity with Indian companies could provide you a suitable solution. Get in touch with Aeon Axis for web development in India. We have everything to make any web development project a success. Form professional developers to the precise management team, all work in close co-ordination to provide a perfect result. No matter how big or small the project is we give top priority to all the jobs.

At Aeon Axis we understand the different needs of the different clients. And for totally novice clients or those who are less friendly with web the development technology, our expert explains them each and every step involved in the process and will also help the in deciding what is right for their business and growth.

What we offer to our clients?

Customized solution: there is millions of website on same niche, but each has its unique personality, it is the process of web development that decides how the website would appear at the front end as well as back end. Our experts offer customized solution that suits your business scope and growth.

Quality at the best price: when I come to complete IT projects, companies keep extending the project completion date. But at Aeon Axis, we understand the value of timely completion of the project. Timing decides the success of any project. We decide the timeline after detailed analysis of the project and put our best effort to deliver the project on a given time frame.

Support system:  we understand the queries that may arise during the process of website development as well as after completing the project. Our 24*7 support team is always ready to take suggestions and implement them during the development phase, our post project support ensures that the project run smoothly after its completion and for that our support team is always ready to provide its expert support.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our services and packages.

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