Open Source

Reap major benefits from our open source development services

Open source software is extremely important for the global business as it can seamlessly integrate with different industrial domains such as telecommunication, human resources, accounting and many more. We are highly proficient in designing web based and stand alone system for the clients to optimize their business. Our system integration service makes it possible to integrate open source platform with the existing systems. Let’s dive deeper and find out what benefits can be achieved with non proprietary technology:

Hardware expenditure:

In order to work on Linux and PHP programming language, no additional hardware system is required. They are highly portable applications and can be easily compressed. Both of them do not consume significant resources; therefore enterprises can use our services to lower the expenses. In spite of being open source platforms they are mighty capable even with old hardware processors.

Source codes:

Our team of experts works on open source codes that are customized according to the business requirements of clients. We discuss the project with the customers and understand their problems in detail. Web based applications are developed with the help of PHP and hosted on the Linux based servers. Availability of source codes provides immense flexibility to develop and design a robust as well as scalable system.


PHP is a widely used general purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.

Our experts in PHP ensure that we utilize this scripting language to the fullest so that highly functional, robust, scalable, completely functional yet cost effective solutions are delivered to our customers. We are experienced in components of PHP web development, PHP custom development, e-Commerce website development and CMS integration.


We are an established HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript development company based in India with experience in developing Rich Internet Applications that conform to web 2.0 standards for the desktop as well as mobile platform. Combination of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript offers much more to web designers and developers as compared to conventional HTML standards. These modern technologies allow creation of more advanced graphics, typography, animations and transitions. We have developed compelling websites using HTML5, CSS3, EXTJS, JavaScript MVC and JQuery alongside HTML5 based mobile applications using Sencha Touch, SproutCore and JQuery Mobile. These technologies make use of native mobile features like geolocation, camera, offline storage, accelero-meter and multi-touch. Our team of HTML5 developers is highly experienced in developing cross platform and cross mobile solutions in HTML5.

Our engineers understand both the capabilities and limitations of HTML5 development and we share our experience with our customers to help them make the right choice for their projects. Apart from rich websites, and Flash to HTML5 conversions, our complete offering for HTML5 development also includes creating tablet friendly websites, mobile sites and mobile applications using PhoneGap, Sencha Touch and Appcelerator. At MetaDesign Solutions we use all available aspects of HTML5 and CSS3 whenever possible to deliver superior products to our customers.

No expensive fees:

We deliver high quality product at cost effective rates. Due to the use of open source platforms, the clients do not have to pay heavy license fee for the application. Unlike the proprietary system available in the market, customization in PHP is a breeze. We cater to the varying requirements of the users with the help of cutting edge technological support. Working with us, you will not suffer from the vendor lock in problems.

Integration of the systems:

Our open source platforms can easily integrate with the work station management because it uses the web based technology along with common information model. Website created from HTML and CSS style sheets are not only visually appealing but optimized to be placed at the top of the Google Search engine rankings.

License is a thing of the past:

With open source systems, the clients can install multiple copies on various servers or workstations without paying license fee to the creator. We are absolutely free from the shackles of compliances that normally accompany the proprietary systems. Therefore, call us today and avail the software development services to save money and boost the effectiveness of the organization.